Spray & Save offers a wide variety of prices for every budget. We understand Renovations are not cheap, so we offer multiple packages to suit your budget.




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If you are handy and on a budget the DIY might be perfect for you. We supply the material and tools for you to paint all the cabinet surrounds while we are spraying the doors in the shop. This option saves you half the cost! contact us for full details. 

Budget Friendly 


The Budget friendly option is for the handy home owner who might not feel comfortable with a paint brush. Having the doors taken down and the hardware removed is a big help to us.  This option includes us painting the cabinet surrounds and spraying the doors in the shop, but you do everything else. This option saves you 25% of the full cost.

We Handle Everything 


This option is exactly how it sounds. We take care of everything! We will: take down the doors, remove the hardware, paint the kitchen surrounds, spray the cabinet doors and re-install the doors and hardware. During this process you can use your kitchen as normal.