Q: How long does the process take?

From start to finish on any kitchen, it takes 2 weeks for us to have your kitchen completely done and installed. In some cases we can provide a quicker turn around. The entire process requires 3 visits to your home and we pride ourselves on having the ability to work around your schedule.

Q: Will the product hold up?

We are very confident in the durability of our product. Once we are done and the cabinets have had time to cure the product is very strong. We do provide a 3 year warranty on the paint job, if you have any major issues we are happy to come back and touch them up. We also leave you with a complete touch up kit for minor touch ups that may occur over the years.

Q: Can you change out the hardware?

Absolutely! when updating your kitchen it is a great idea to update the hardware. We can replace handles and knobs and even hinges. If there is any filling of holes or new holes needed to be drilled let us know. All hardware must be provided by the customer and on site the day of install.

Q: Is my kitchen accessible during the process?

During the process your kitchen is fully accessible. As long as we are not there painting or installing you can carry on with daily use.

Q: How do I maintain the cabinets after they’ve been painted?

After the cabinets have been painted it is important to allow for proper curing time (1-2 weeks). Once cured, you may wash with soap and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals.

Q: I’m doing a full kitchen renovation, at what stage should we have you in to start the cabinets?

During a kitchen renovation we always recommend the cabinets should be started just before the counter tops are removed. Have the doors re-installed after the new counter is in place. If the counter is not being replaced make sure all of the demo and construction is completed before starting the cabinets.

Prior to starting the renovation, contact us to book the start date to ensure your renovation goes smoothly.

If you have any more questions about the process please feel free to contact us.